The Committee


Continuous improvement of pharmacy profession standard through structured continuing education (CE) programmes


  • To provide quality and well-balanced CE programmes for pharmacists of all sectors in Hong Kong
  • To strive for mandatory accredited CE system for the profession of pharmacy in Hong Kong


PCCC is a jointed collaboration of the following organizations/professional societies:

  • Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, The University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Pharmacists (Public Service) Association
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong
  • School of Pharmacy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong


  1. Executive Committee Officers
    - Representatives of Member Society/Organization
    - Each member society/organization nominates two representatives to serve as PCCC executive committee officers for the term of one year and the nomination is confirmed by the member society/organization by written communication to PCCC.
    - Change of representative(s) during the term should be communicated to PCCC by written communication with the nomination of a new representative and the new representative will follow up on all outstanding responsibilities.

  2. Committee Members
    Executive Committee Officers can appoint pharmacists enrolled in the PCCC CE programme as committee members.

Executive Committee Officer

Name Title Representitive of
Marco Lee Chairman HKU
Kemo Lam Vice-chariman SHPHK
Kiwi Sun Secretary CUHK
Jonathan Ng Treasurer PSHK
Hercules Tse Membership Officer SHPHK
Joey Tang CE article coordinator HKP(PS)A
Kathleen Kung CE seminar coordinator PSHK
Hung Wai Him IT Officer -
Hercules Tse IT Officer SHPHK


Enrolment to CE programme

  • All the members of member societies/organizations can enrol in the PCCC CE programme and are entitled to receive CE credits with no registration fee.
  • Pharmacists who are non-member of PCCC member societies/organizations can enrol in the programme with an annual registration fee of $500


  • The Committee consists of the following Executive Committee Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and 6 other Executive Officers.
  • Election of the Executive Committee Officers is held every year in February. The term period is from March to February.
  • The term of office is one year.
  • An Executive Committee Officer may serve the same office for a maximum of two terms.
  • Only Executive Committee Officers has voting rights.


  • The PCCC is organized under this constitution.
  • A minimum of 8 committee meetings is to be held during the year.
  • The presence of Executive Committee Officers from 4 member societies/organisations is required to make a quorum.
  • Each member society/organization of PCCC can exercise one vote.